Tiger’s Eye – Healing and Metaphysical Properties

[ad_1] Tiger eye is a favorite stone amongst gem collectors. This stone is often called “Tiger’s Eye” and sometimes simply called as “Tiger-Eye” or “Tigers-Eye”. It is a type of chatoyant quartz and much loved both for its metaphysical power and its natural appearance. Its…

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What You Need to Know About Quartz Crystals

[ad_1] Quartz is one kind of minerals which can be found in large proportion. Most of the land especially where there is sand contains quartz. The dust particles which is in air also contains a large quantity of quartz. The most famous quartz which can…

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Energy Efficient Coffee Machines

[ad_1] Energy consumption in a coffee machine was not considered as a serious issue in the past. The general perception is that coffee machines consume only limited power and as such it cannot make significant impact on the user power consumption bill. But in the…

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